NEVER HURT SOMEONE YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE. . Always remember pain makes someone change. So don’t eve…

2 years ago

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Always remember pain makes someone change.
So don’t ever hurt someone you love so much in this
world if you don’t want him or her to change.
That person will be heartbroken but after sometime,
he or she will mend his/her heart again and moves
on with experience that they gained from what you
led them into…
And when that person is gone that’s when you will
realize how precious he or she was to your life and
what they meant to you…
You will cry, plead and ask for forgiveness from that
person but it will be late for you.
So my friends, if you have someone who cares about
you and loves you the way you are.
Value his or her love, don’t bring pain to him or her
because it will make them change and you will regret
at the end.
And if you caused pain to someone but you still have
a chance of talking to him or her, go and break it
down with them.
Go and say sorry to that person prior He/she totally
lets go of you.
You may be with the swag that you never say SORRY
or bend low but in the long run when they are gone,
you will miss them, and you will wish to get them
back in your life.
You will move on but you may end up crushing, you
will never find someone with the same love and heart
like for that person you gave pain.
Still you will be with that vacuum in your heart… you
will finally say,
“There’s no true love, and all men & women are the
Never take someone for granted, never be shy to say
sorry to someone you love and never hurt and create
pain to someone you don’t want to lose.


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