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Newly Found Pyramids in Algeria Linked to Cleopatra Selene

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Algerian Culture Minister Azzeddine Mihoubi recently announced that pyramids were discovered in the Tiaret province, 280 kilometers west of the capital.

Source: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/variety/2017/05/23/Algerian-culture-minister-says-pyramids-were-discovered-in-Tiaret.html

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  1. Joe Kasprzak says:

    wow I'm on my way, right

  2. Toxik Logik says:

    I think the pyramids create the stars using sound in a type of way called sonoluminescence. Like the great pyramid of giza does.

  3. Rc ProHunter says:

    You have no idea what is hidden on the vast land of Algeria. It's a country of gigantic diversity both historical and cultural. Even though it's much closer to Europe but it's rarely mentioned because of what happened on the 90s (Terrorism and civil war)! However as an Algerian myself I tell you that Algerian land is still a virgin whether in nature or its archeology and history! Not so many research has been done here. A lot of places are still untouched and uncovered. I myself visited one Roman bridge in the mountain in the middle of the forest near my city and didnt find any documentation about it on the internet even though it's pretty big around 30-50 meters! And this on the Northern part of Algeria. If you go to the south you have the vast amazing Sahara desert. Compared to the Sahara of Egypt you could say it's 1000 times more unique and varied! Wish more people know more about Algeria.

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