1. Africans of the type of this man speaking are not ready for democracy by any means. They have authoritarian instincts. How can a journalist approve of any dictatorship shutting down a media outlet because they didn't get their story right? Do they do that in England, or the US? Why can't African have the emotional control necessary to tolerate free speech?

  2. No civilised government in the world in this democratic dispensation rides a moral high horse with a whip to punish free speech tinted with the slightest error…. especially the government of Cameroon whose ministers of communication right from the creation of that ministry have been carefully selected seasoned liars. For starters, the government of Cameroon cannot weep more than the berieved, The story concerned a Gabonese and only the Gabonese government has the moral ground to complain or take the media house in question to task or to court . …Gabon has got an embassy in Cameroon. Besides that Gabonese media were spear heading the speculation of the dead of their own president and a Cameroon media house gets punished for joining the chorus?

  3. God bless you Punchline Africa for standing up tall to be the voice of the voiceless and oppressed people of the Southern Cameroons, AMBAZONIA.This terrorist agent so called president paul biya of la republique du cameroun will die a very painful death for the ongoing active Rwandan style genocide in the Southern Cameroons Ambazonia.

  4. Much thanks to punchline tv for taking special note to the genocide going on in our Country Ambazonia. The other popular medias of the world has been compromised by Paul biya to turn a blind eye to the massacre orchestrated by his military in our county. Once again we thank you for the broadcast and making the world know we need their help.

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