Ngula Ya Vutivi, Sexual Cleansing: 20 September 2018

2 years ago

English : We focus on some aspects of the cultural practice of sexual cleansing, a practice actively observed in African countries such as Cameroon, Malawi, Kenya and South Africa . Some here believe the cleansing ritual is incomplete unless the widow or widower is sexually cleansed. This is done primarily to remove bad luck.

Xitsonga : Eka nongoko lowu hi languta maendlelo yo basisa vanhu lava loveriweke hi varhandziwa va vona hi ndlela ya swa masangu. Maendlelo lawa ya endliwa hi vanhu vo huma ematikweni yo fana na Cameroon, Malawi, Kenya na tindhawu tin’wana e Afrika Dzonga.

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