NLU Webinar 09.06.20, "Radical innovation in a Post-Corona World"

10 months ago

“Radical innovation in a Post-Corona World: Why can’t we afford going back to the previous normal?”

– – – Outline – – –
Scientists have been highlighting for decades the imminent catastrophe that we are quickly diving into as a species if we don’t radically change the way we produce, consume, and, overall, the way we understand our human participation within our broader body-system: our planet home. The Covid-19 health crisis is having a deep impact in the global economy. If we decide to re-build the economic system simply going back to business as usual and re-boosting production and consumption as we know it, our survival will be even more threatened than before. Instead, if we are able to tap into the underlying opportunity that this crisis is carrying with it, the odds can change and we could start building a thrivable existence for us and the rest of participants of this Earth-system.

– – – Three main elements of the webinar – – –
1. The Pre-Corona state of things and 4Revolutions we need to survive
2. Corona’s crystal ball: experiencing another possible world
3. The emerging opportunities lying ahead: the new corporate responsibility

– – – Invited speakers – – –
Peter David Pedersen
NELIS co-founder, professor of sustainability and innovation, Shizenkan University (Tokyo) and 4Revs project lead. Resident of Japan for almost 30 years.

Lucas Sánchez M.
NELIS Board member & LATAM Coordinator
Sustainability advisor, musician, artistic projects manager, and workshop designer & facilitator. Director of Hermanos Brothers, an impact-oriented creative bureau focused on inspiring cultural changes through holistic and artistic communications experiences.

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