Nnamdi Kanu & Dr Cho Ayaba

6 days ago

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17 thoughts on “Nnamdi Kanu & Dr Cho Ayaba”

  1. The girl dances better than sense pass king, Lukong, Eyumojock Ambazonia FBI.  

    I am not comfortable with the Ambazonia/IPOB alliance considering their behaviour to our people in the local market place before we left Enugu. I hope Dr Ayaba will be in a better position to allay my fears on Friday the 9th of April, 2021.

    Damn it! Now I can't get that stupid introductory song out of my head.

  2. I trust Dr. Ayaba Cho decisions, but I've my strong doubts about any alliance btw Ambazonia and Biafra. Biafra have too many tentacles and baggages infront of the international community.

  3. Working with Biafra will directly open Ambazonia to direct attack from Nigeria and friends of Nigeria. Let's reconsider or be careful with this alliance.

  4. I think it's an intelligent move from Dr Ayaba and the AGovC, Ambazonia has two neighbours Biafra and LRC, but LRC is with Ambazonia in war now for getting five years counting, Ambazonia IDP our in Biafra land so an intelligent leader will take a mile stone to protect the life of Ambazonia IDP in Biafra land!!! Almighty God help 🙏 Ambazonia and free us from slavery 60years is not 60days lord free Ambazonia 🙏 🙌

  5. Together we are stronger , If we go solo we will go so low .
    We have a common enemy ,so synergy is sacrosanct at this point .
    All hail Biafra( the presenter looks igbo )!

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