Northern Nigeria Deadly Street Fight | Dambe

2 months ago

In this video, I visited the Dede community where the street fight Dambe takes place. Dambe is a martial art of the Hausa people from West Africa. Competitors in a typical match aim to subdue each other into total submission mostly within three rounds. It often results in serious bodily injuries for the challengers such as broken jaws and ribs.

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The Struggle Continues

25 thoughts on “Northern Nigeria Deadly Street Fight | Dambe”

  1. I don't usually comment on YouTube, but i can't go without leaving you a remark on this one… The is one of your best videos yet. You did amazingly fantastic, great job, awesome video. I like this one personally. Showcasing our local culture should be one of our priorities.

    Good Job Boss, I hope u get the recognition u deserve someday💪. Keep up with the great work!
    I told u I'm gonna get in touch with you when I come Lagos, please keep that in mind boss.


  2. Fantastic work, please keep it up, I want to see the Ijakadi (wrestling match) of the south east, west, south-south and all over Nigeria and if possible all over west Africa and all Africa. May Almighty continue to guide, protect and bless you.
    Am loving your channel 👍🏾❤

  3. Get Joe Rogan to interview one of these athletes and your sport/community will thrive overnight. Idk if you had an english fight commentator but get someone with a handsome man voice and recipe for global success. Good luck to you all.

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