Nylah Says-Sleeper Cell:Kamala Harris

2 years ago

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We’re reposting Nylah’s video with her permission on Kamala Harris. Kamala announced her bid to run for president. This election you must choose wisely. Our mantra will be NO BLACK AGENDA, NO BLACK VOTE

Hosted by Phillip Scott

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The Struggle Continues

24 thoughts on “Nylah Says-Sleeper Cell:Kamala Harris”

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  2. Nylah what a find commentary and approach to studying this Democratic candidate. Your voice resonates comprehensiveness. You are thorough Her stand on solitary confinement record is deplorable, Plus the holding back of police officers names….. Thank you for your information gathering ability. Please keep it up and stay strong. Smile

  3. Great info. Just reinforces my original impression of Ms Harris at the Cavanaugh hearing. I then sensed something dark in her and I'm not referring to her race.Though I have to say I think you are articulate enough young lady to expound on an issue without using profanity. I think that would add more class to your presentation. But I understand the real and unabridged approach is cool for some. I have subscribed and look forward to your next episode. Thanks again.

  4. I would love to see someone like Nina Turner run. I basically fell in love with her when I was volunteering for the Bernie Sanders campaign. She's so amazing and has a great stance on policy.

  5. Does your candidates ONLY address issues of race? Or does the candidates address all races issues? Does the candidates plans in opposition of your position advance or suppress your position? Would you rather have Trump or her to best represent you/america

  6. She didn't come out in support of federal marijuana legalization until after it became legalized in the state of CA in 2016, which is the same year she won the election to become US Senator from CA. When she ran for reelection as AG in CA in 2014, her Republican opponent supported it, but when a reporter asked Kamala about her stance on marijuana legalization she laughed in the reporter's face. When she was a prosecutor, she was in favor of anything that would get the most people, especially poor black and brown people, locked up in jail. Kamala Harris is a cop, and if she were president she would probably turn our country even further into a police state. Do not be fooled by any aspect of this woman!

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