Occupy Nigeria resisted oppressive governance-Mr Yinka Odumakin,Spokesperson Save Nigeria Group.

6 years ago

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Nigeria’s Fourth republic has been on a steady and progressive growth, despite the challenges of ethno religious crisis and the emergence of insurgent groups in the country.

Civil Society groups have also played their role in ensuring that the tenets of our democracy is upheld.

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One unique group that has distinguished itself is the Save Nigeria Group(SNG).

Founded in January 2010 by the Convener Pastor Tunde Bakare and spokesman Mr Yinka Odumakin amongst others, the SNG was instrumental to the Swearing of President Jonathan when there was a power vacuum.

It also championed the now famous ‘Occupy Nigeria movement’ which was a gathering of Nigerians to protest in Ojota,Lagos to protest the ‘Fuel Subsidy’ removal policy by the Federal Government.

Mr Yinka Odumakin spokesperson of the SNG, speaks on the role of the group in an interview with Webtv.


The Struggle Continues

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