Omoyele Sowore: "Revolution Before Break Up?"

2 weeks ago

Conversation on Nigeria’s woes that is now leading to component parts of Nigeria – the regions asking to Restructure or break up

My guest today is Omoyele Sowore, #RevolutionNow Member and former AAC Presidential Candidate

Maiyegun General


The Struggle Continues

45 thoughts on “Omoyele Sowore: "Revolution Before Break Up?"”

  1. I hear what Sowore is saying but we know that ojuboro ko se gba omo lowo ekuro but we must employ every measure we can but it must be done we don't want to go to d north what for we're going to be busy putting things in order first no time for d north

  2. Sowore is not forcing anybody to join Revolution. Sowore did not against division or anybody who want oduduwa. Sowore opinion is only revolution can solve Nigeria problem. Revolution can turn to division, good nation. So, hater stop your hatred and propaganda against him.

  3. this man doesn't understand what the meaning of revolution is, breaking up Nigeria is a revolutionary that could work, why bc Nigeria is not àn homogeneous state so his method of revolution can not work.
    Talking about people in the diaspora who sponsored the breakup is an action that could not work, that is a grasshopper complex, not everyone will be at the battleground some must support them financially.
    Last but not least let him sit back and watch.

  4. Sowore, you're damn wrong to think that there is no need to restructure Nigeria, only to push for a revolution that change guards. This view is not saleable in today's Nigeria. Sure, Nigeria requires thorough restructuring. Even at that, restructuring is rather too late an option in this contemporary time. Sowore, be humble enough to accept the only viable option which is self-determination of the nationalities involved.

  5. You fall my hand…. Talk like a man, talk like a freedom fighter, Sowore, you sound like a self interest, business guyman. We use everything we get for Yoruba freedom. Insha Allah, no war with Yoruba, but we are not scared 2021. Russia was a world power and they did not fight war for their brake up. We dont follow who are in self interest like you… GBAM.

  6. Big thanks sir. Pls big brother I will appreciate if you can just be cutting the interview after the full hours to like 5 minutes 3 minutes so that people who don't have data for 1hours can still watch it. Thanks for the good job sir.

  7. Nigerians and too much talking like they are afraid of something or someone. Sometimes I feel Buhari and the other politicians are doing things just for the News Medias

  8. You people talk too much, I am tired of hearing words from people who only want to make themselves popular on internet, Local News Medias and International News medias

  9. These unknown unreliable unrequired unnecessary unemployed unproductive insensitive irresponsible illegal invisible unelected local kings or Emirs title holders and their slaves or thugs guys is working for Buhari and they are Crisis and Conspiracy Actors.

    They only want to be popular for Buhari in order to distract people and Government from their Basic duties. Covid19 has ended there has to be an excuse why all the development has stop.

    There is no one trying to break Nigerian up. Buhari is Igbo, this Ondo Aare of a guy is definitely Igbo and the Arewa guy in the North are all also Igbos, these are attempts to siphon or embezzle money by the APC Political Party.

  10. Revolution with this government cannever work it will rather destroy our agitation. They evil ,manipulative in and out of the country. Maiyegun the greatest revolution is what u are doing we need more youth like u

  11. Revolution is not the solution,let's stop beating about the Bush?and please don't slow yoruba NATION down,the rich people should stop talking about revolution

  12. Thanks Yele we love you just on one thing that isn’t possible for anyone which is your consistency since years you are still here in fact you are more than yourself thanks 🙏 so much but Odudua is in our mind without going back

  13. Sowore has done so much. Nigeria is not workable. And we are together, the revolution of Nigeria has started. And we are organized. Have faith.

    Nigeria can never work. It's a disaster that's happening right before our eyes, those who can't see it are deluded. Nigeria is a failed country.

  14. It's evident that the pushing and shoving Omoleye went through the prisons and courts of the British-made Nigeria has really weakened him physically and intellectually, such that he is even afraid to call the Fulanis by their name. It's unfortunate.

  15. Would our Oodua brothers and sisters claim being unaware how people like Falana brought tribal sentiments into the endsars protests? Like it or not, this is one powerful factor that cannot make that Nigeria work as one. I have not talked about religion or party affiliation? Sowore, you are expected to be intelligent enough to know these basics. Yoruba nation is the only way out.

  16. Omoyele Sowore’s clamouring for one United Nigeria through the instrumentality of revolution will never yield any desired dividend for it is conspicuously obvious that Hausa-Fulanis of the Northern part of Nigeria, who are undeniably subservient to the wishes and caprices of their oligarch, would never support his proposed revolution.

  17. I totally agreed with Omoyele sowore, he gave all his points explicitly as I observed. before break up could take place the wings of those cabal who united in eating up Nigeria wealth without minding the generation to come should cut off. Their circle must be break and we can only achieve this when all hand on desk to chase them through a sustainable revolution.

  18. I think it's the other way round. A revolution will be easier to manage and implement in the smaller units. I am not sure if Sowore has given deep thought on the possibilities of a revolution in Nigeria as it is. The south will go ahead with it but the northerners will not, and such a revolution will eventually fail. But in a smaller regions, it's up to the people and there are less evils and complexities to deal with. We first need to do a cause and effect analysis first. And how can one sit down to have a meal with someone who always choose to hold your hands from putting the food in your mouth. We can't exist in a nation with the Fulani. They have a culture of violence.

  19. Sowore is correct but it wont work cos Northerners won't want to be part of any revolution in this Nigeria cos they are in power. And at this time Every tribe need to fight for her self determination since things has gone this bad in the nation . Revolution can't work anymore

  20. Maiyegun, I commend you for all you have been doing to liberate us. Please tell Sowore Falana and Soyinka that we are expecting the energy they put in when they teamed up with the monster called Tinubu to humiliate Jonathan out of office. We are in deep shit.

  21. In Nigeria what individual want is superior to what the majority want. Sowore wants revolution while majority just want to end the country called Nigeria. Personal ambition should not supersede majority aspirations.

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