On Cameroon, After Inner City Press asked of UN failure and Banned, Scam Q & Cake

9 months ago

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On Cameroon Inner City Press Asks Guterres Spox Haq About Deaths and He and Hua Jiang Refuse to Answer as Ban Press
By Matthew Russell Lee, 30/7 CJR, 19/6 Video

UNITED NATIONS, August 2 – After the abuses by Cameroon’s security forces have been ignored by the UN, as Inner City Press has repeatedly asked about them until being banned from the UN on July 3 and since, new leaked videos show summary executions and manhandling of prisoners. On July 23 Inner City Press raised the issue, and that of the UN’s censorship
to the Italian Mission to the UN, which split its UN Security Council term with the Netherlands and last year told Inner City Press that Paul Biya’s abuses in the Anglophone areas hadn’t come up on the Council trip to Cameroon that it accompanied. Nothing, from Italy and from the Security Council as a whole, not even an “Any Other Business” briefing, with none as yet foreseen under August’s Security Council president the UK, whose Liam Fox bragged of UK New Age’s gas deal with Biya; Inner City Press asked UK Ambassador Karen Pierce about it here, before Guterres’ Security’s ouster and ongoing ban on which the UK has done nothing. July 20 video here. On August 1 in a briefing Inner City Press was banned from Pierce said the initiative is with the President and government of Cameron – that is, 36 year ruler Paul Biya. On August 2 Inner City Press emailed Guterres’ spokesmen and team including Alison Smale and officer in charge Hua Jiang, “On Cameroon and refugees from Cameroon in Nigeria, what is the comment, response and action if any of the Secretargy General to the deaths of eight Cameroonian refugees in Ikom, Cross River who died of fumes from a generator in their room? What has the SG done about the conflict and crisis in the Anglophone areas of Cameroon since his visit to Younde in October 2017? What has he done in the last 12 days?” Haq did not email any response back before heading out to lunch. On his way back in, Inner City Press reiterated the question and he just walked by, as did Hua Jiang, schooled in this with UNMIS in Sudan it seems, part of the censorship, minutes later. Video here. This is today’s UN.

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On July 30 Guterres’ sleazy basis for roughing up and banning Inner City Press for 27 days and counting was reported in the Columbia Journalist Review: Guterres’ spokesman Stephane Dujarric has gone further, in an article published July 30 by the Columbia Journalism Review. Dujarric – who Inner City Press directed to the CJR reporter to – is quoted that ” Lee Periscoped while shouting, ‘Fuck you!’ repeatedly. (Lee says he was complaining that Dujarrac had given the Al Jazeera crew a private interview, and excluded him.) ‘He creates an atmosphere of incivility within our working environment,’ Dujarrac says.” This is a lie. Inner City Press on June 19 when Dujarric gave a “private briefing” to Al Jazeera about Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo announcing the US pull out from the UN Human Right Council said in the hall that is was a “sleazefest.” After closing the door of the focus booth it has been confined to work in for two years by Dujarric, and long after the Al Jazeera trio including James Bayes and Whitney Hurst were done, said on Periscope, F-You. Periscope video – still online during this 27 day “investigation” – here. So Dujarric is a censor, justifying the beating up and banning of a journalist for something he broadcast in a soundproof booth to his audience. This is disgusting, all the more so because as Inner City Press reported on July 20, Dujarric told an interlocutor on June 20, before the two beat-downs of Inner City Press, that things would be worse for it. Guterres and Dujarric and it seems Smale are.. thugs. Disgusting. On Cameroon, the CJR article quotes Inner City Press:“The UN is in bed with the government there; they don’t report on human rights violations.” Entirely true.


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