On Cameroon After UNSC Arria With French Support, Biya Brags As Greenlight to Genocide

3 months ago

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By Matthew Russell Lee, Video

UNITED NATIONS GATE, May 15 – After the UN Security Council held belated “Arria formula” session about Cameroon, an informal one with no outcome on which even co-sponsors Germany and the UK refused to answer Press questions, hypocrisy and cover up of the UN’s failure remain evident. Video here.

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Because it was an informal meeting and the proponents would not answer questions and Antonio Guterres’ UN has yet to provide requested information to Inner City Press, it has allowed Paul Biya’s government to claim, in effect, that no meeting took place: “Some member states of the United Nations Security Council had an informal meeting on Monday to discuss the worsening humanitarian crisis in the Anglophone region of Cameroon. A communiqué issued by the Cameroonian Ministry of External Relations however denied reports of a UN Security Council Meeting on the Anglophone region crisis. According to the communiqué no such meeting is scheduled. The communiqué further stated that, this meeting was a ‘’ free consultation entirely outside of the Council on the initiative of certain members who are interested in the humanitarian situation in Cameroon.’‘ It further added that outcomes of this meeting will not be binding on the government since the meeting was informal as specified by Cameroon’s diplomacy.”

Guterres and the member states who support his censorship have their role in this. As with Sri Lanka, it ends up being a greenlight to genocide.

The meeting ended without any outcome, after Paul Biya’s longtime Ambassador Tommo Monthe lashed out at social media as UNSG Antonio Guterres does. Monthe told Inner City Press, as it asked about Biya cutting the Internet in the Anglophone zones, that Inner City Press could get thrown out of the UN. And it was, by Guterres, now 313 days and counting.

In the meeting, China said the Biya can impose law and order – Xinjiang style, some wondered, through Guterres’ alliance with China is even larger, including as their CEFC China Energy tried to buy the oil company of Gulbekian Foundation which paid Guterres. France’s Francois Delattre said his country will work with Biya.

The EU’s João Vale de Almeida, who tweeted a selfie with Monthe before the meeting assuring him the EU would be support, came through. He and the EU Mission have done nothing about Guterres’ open censorship. These people are killing the UN.

Inner City Press, banned from entering the UN for the 313th day in a row, asked UK Deputy Ambassador Jonathan Allen when his country expected to get out of the meeting. He said, “Hello Matthew” but just like his Mission, no substantive answer. Video here.

Inside the meeting, he expressed surprise that the UK is viewed as pro Paul Biya, ignoring that his minister Liam Fox bragged about UK-based New Age’s oil deal with Biya. Germany’s speech was even less focused; they have not answered Inner City Press’ Cameroon’s questions, or done anything about the UN’s censorship of the Press.

(Inner City Press went and began interested at the Ambazonia / Southern Cameroons demonstration in the 47th Street park, in the rain, video here.)

The head of the UN, Antonio Guterres, took a golden statue from Paul Biya in his last interaction, and cut a deal of silence for Biya’s support in the UN Budget Committee which Biya’s Ambassador Tommo Monthe chaired.


The Struggle Continues

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