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Ondoua Bamenda I love you

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Bamenda I love you

Courtesy of… Tsounami Hiroshima || 2017-02-07 13:25:19

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  1. Gil Ndasi says:

    Sorry that’s not gonna work. No hurt feeling Ondoua, we love u too and proud of your victory but sorry man we have been neglected for too long and it’s too late for reconciliation.


  3. Ohhh sorry it’s too late bro

  4. Af Ntum says:

    If you truly love Bamenda you would have put on your Southern Cameroon T-shirt when you scored a goal to show solidarity but you guys don’t care !!!

  5. Mercy Kelly says:

    Hmmmmmmmm now its getting personal

  6. We love u too ok, hope u no secondary intentions in sayx dat.

  7. Feilding Ezy says:

    We love you too but we love our struggle more

  8. Itz Mofako says:

    Bro we Love you too OK.. We are not fighting against you..but we are fighting for our freedom I repeat for our freedom.. And nothing can stop us now from geting it ..ones again congrats to y’all for the victory ..and the struggle continues. Ghost town activated..boycott 11feb

  9. Its like u have been bribe too

  10. Love u too kid bro proud of you. But il we are hurt….

  11. the young man has no prop ok

  12. he is not the one giving us prop so just let him be

  13. We love u r performance but let it not be ur bribed because u have failed. this fight is destined by God

  14. We love you too young man, and congrats, but we need to de-colonize our country.

  15. Nelson Ngong says:

    why care now? does he even know where Bamenda is? all is propaganda

  16. Icee Elvis says:

    Love u too but U are not Bamenda pls. soon u will need a visa to visit us. All wuna go take visa before enter we country.

  17. 😅😅😅😅 nonsense

  18. Bull JJ says:

    Am a straight forward man love is not by force and remember west cameroon is not bamenda I don’t love you

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