One on One with Mark Bareta Questions about the opening of schools, Maurice Kamto and SC liberation.

2 weeks ago

One on One with Mark Bareta
Questions around the opening of schools, guerilla warfare, coalition, federalism, My Trip To Buea, Maurice Kamto and Southern Cameroons liberation.


The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “One on One with Mark Bareta Questions about the opening of schools, Maurice Kamto and SC liberation.”

  1. Ambazonians will keep surprising the world with their inconsistency.
    -You are saying Southern Cameroon has never been ONE with LRC. But the League of Nations internationalize the London Agreement which divided Kamerun.
    -Britain never colonized Southern Cameroon?
    -ambazonians say the crisis is not all about language. What is the difference between the Doualas and the Bakweris, the Mbos and the Bakossi, the Bawok people, the Banwa and the Dschang etc, if not of the two imposed languages?
    From all angles, Southern Cameroon is having a great opportunity to achieve its sovereignty through a Federation, BUT your bloody strategy will ruin this opportunity.
    We know ambazonians are confused, but please don’t be ashamed, Federalists will forgive you for your misconducts.
    Why waste your money to draft for bloodshed and stopping your children from going to school, when we do not need to draft to achieve our sovereignty through a Federation.

  2. Criminal, u give Lrc the reason to say there isn't a partner to negotiate with, meanwhile we ve a govt that was formerly led by Ayuk but now is led by Dr Sako. NB-Even God in Heaven recognise our govt-IG/Sako. This, God himself who ordained this struggle will clear off every obstacle until justice prevails for SC from the UNO for the Glory of his mighty name amen.

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