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One word for this TV station…

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One word for this TV station…

Courtesy of… Bellabelle Kernnyken || 2017-01-24 20:33:03

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  1. Cash Play says:

    Allergic to the truth

  2. Tita Yushaou says:

    I Nearly Slap My Wife Today When I Came Back And Saw This Channell In My House

  3. Caro Tankeng says:

    Cameroon rubbish televistion

  4. Godswill Che says:

    The lieges TV station I have seen so ever, made for CPDM and LA republique

  5. Nyabo Odette says:

    Hahahahaha you guys will kill someone with fun

  6. Cash Play says:

    CRTV favours it leaders , whether good or bad, and worst is when its bad the even cover it. Weh CMR

  7. Hahahaha hmmm CR what even 2017 no change nonsense


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