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The OTANG THE VOICE SHOW is a reality talk show broadcasted every saturday on OTANG’s YouTube Channel. OTANG is raising awareness and advocating for societal issues she is passionate about and which speaks to our collective consciences.
OTANG is talking to teenagers like herself and why not parents and even the general public. There is ample need in our society today for paradigm shifts, and only authentic Game Changers like OTANG can fill that void.
OTANG recorded this show all by herself, by using her father’s (GALAXY J One) smartphone. Her father got so impressed and has since decided to invest in the show as from the 5th edition.
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OTANG a.k.a The Voice, popularly knowns as the Game Changer, is a Cameroonian born, 12 year old female kid rapper, who achieved a critical mass acclamation from her first public rap freestyle she did on Dr Dre’s still instrumental that went viral on social media.
Since then, the budding sensation has been invited to some of the most prominent radio and TV shows in the country.
After releasing her first single, she became an international Voice of Hope good-will brand ambassador and Cameroon Career Women (CCWA), award winner in the category of Best female artist 2018, that took place in London. This is basically revolutionary, because a minor has never won such a category, when placed in the same category with the bestfemale adult artists in the country.
She has just released the lyric video of her second official single entitled ” Victims” which also carries the title of her EP made up of 7 songs.
Victims is a melancholic rap song that recounts the ordeals, inhabitants of the English Regions of Cameroon are going through.
The young female rapper is using her voice and talent as a tool to call for peace, Justice and dialogue, so that serenity can return.
OTANG has been singing since the age of 6 but her music career is just few months old into public eyes, and her journey is already a beautiful story in a country experiencing constant political unrest, especially in the two English speaking regions, where she hails. That’s also the reason why she is gradually getting the attention of some credible platforms, both locally and internationally.
The rap genre of music is predominantly explored by male artists, because it requires so much courage, determination and confidence. That’s why critics say, her style, lyrics and performances are phenomenal and unprecedented at her age, reason why they call her the Game Changer.
OTANG represents the hope and aspirations of a better African society. She is an embodiment of the emancipation of the girl child, especially in this part of the world, were women are marginalized and relegated to the background.
OTANG A.K.A the voice is exploring her musical passion as a tool to inspire other young girls like herself, to brace the odds and use their God-given talents to impact the world for the better.
OTANG is surrounded by the love and mentorship of her father, (Galaxy J One), who is also a recording artist and a pioneer in the Cameroonian urban music industry.
Her father says, OTANG has the potential to become one of the greatest artists of her generation, on a global scale, judging from what she and her team have been able to achieved in this short space of time.
We look forward to seeing this talented young girl, thrive bigger and higher.

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The Struggle Continues


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