Palestinian gunman kills two Israelis in West Bank: Israeli military

1 year ago

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A Palestinian gunman shot dead two Israelis and wounded a third on Sunday (October 7) in an industrial park next to a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli military said.

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21 thoughts on “Palestinian gunman kills two Israelis in West Bank: Israeli military”

  1. its sickening how the journalist is  comparing this terrorism to the Gaza border shooting 0:30 . the victims were two civilians in their workplace. an accountant and his secretary. while in Gaza its zombie attack raging the  border  fence , throwing grenades and bombs

  2. Full solidarity and support to the killer's.. though this kind of thing is unacceptable but there is no other option, even international community is not ready to take action against Israel's occupation policy and people (liberal progressive people) should not forget about Gaza

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