Parler Avec Mon Peuple A Minuit/ Speaking With My People at Midnight! June 22 2018

9 months ago

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Mes soeurs et freres camerounaises, camerounais
My fellow Southern Cameroonians, Ambazonians:

a mi-chemin de mon periple dans la diaspora, je prendrai la parole bientot / halfway during my trip across the world, I will speak with you, my people:

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– la defaite en cours de l’armee camerounaise
– le petrole de Limbe
– le chassement
– adresse aux soldats anglophones de l’armee camerounaise
– l’independance de l’Ambazonie

– Biya army’s ongoing military defeat
– Limbe’s gas
– chasing Biya from power
– address to Anglophone soldiers of Biya’s army
– independence

Me lapte!

Concierge de la republique

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