Part 1 -” Winning bigly:Anglophone Cameroon” by Tapang Ivo Tanku

2 years ago

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After the rally in Buea lead by Ni John Fru Ndi to support the Lawyers and Students as well as the joint statement from Teachers and Lawyers in support for Federalism, Tapang Ivo indicates we are winning and discusses ideas on the way forward. This is a two part series I & II.Videos present on this channel. Recorded on 07/12/2016. Tapang Ivo Tanku according to his face book page works at Fulbright Scholarship
Studied Intenational Security at University at Buffalo
Studied at Institut des Relations Internationales du Cameroun (IRIC)
Studied BSc. Journalism and mass communication/ Diploma Geology at University of Buea.
Copyrights of video belong to owner. FreeSouthernCameroons using it only to create more awareness.
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The Struggle Continues

6 thoughts on “Part 1 -” Winning bigly:Anglophone Cameroon” by Tapang Ivo Tanku”

  1. you are stupid. you are slave and will remain slave all your life
    because of foreign language you want to divide cameroon. in your dream it will never happened and we will fight for that

  2. I differ greatly with you Ivo when you say there is ANYTHING that is impossible in life. Donald Trump would never have been president in that America you sing and pride about. Obama would never have been president as well. We can do it. Intellectuals do not see impossibilities. One of the items that were discussed in Bamenda was the appointment of government delegates to opposition worn councils. Will that be different in that your federal system? It will be the same. Bones will be given to the Federation while the meat will be left in Yaounde. That i can assure you. I commented about you earlier without hearing this. It is utter rubbish boy!
    I will like to give you some more information via email. Write to One of those things Cameroonians should know is that we are not seceeding. There is no question of secession. To seceed means to break away from a country which had been one before. We have been two, and only came back in the early sixties so if we decide to return to what used to be, it is not secession but a return to what used to be. Secondly, we should understand that there are smaller countries in the world that have a smaller population than the southern Cameroons. Google this and you will find nations like Monaco, Nauru, Tuvalu,San Marino, Malt and several others. Some have populations of less than one million people!!!! Southern Cameroon has over five million inhabitants. Thirdly, when we become independent, we will be like Nigeria, we will have our own currency, we will be democratic, we will have elections and no president will rule for more than two terms. Other countries will come in with businesses and industries as well as we will bring our citizens who have money in America but are not accepted as dual citizens of Cameroon. There is a lot for us to gain from independence that is why LA REPUBLIQUE does not want us to go. Look a t the way councils work now? That is a picture of what our independence will look like. We will not go to beg for mere secondary schools, teacher training colleges and universities from masters in Yaounde. We will not go to beg for roads, scholarships and things that belong to us. We will ask our government to give us OUR rights or we vote the government out!!!! I have more via email. Anyone who has a question, please ask by email

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