Patrice Nganang, Stony Brook U Professor calling for genocide in Cameroon

4 months ago

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Patrice Nganang, Stony Brook University Professor and Bamileke hegemonist and supremacist is calling for Beti and Bulu genocide in his home country, Cameroon.
” Resistance is a war; burn down the idiots” (the idiots are bulus and betis) “Beat them up” Each morning when you wake up, you have to hit them” “there is no limit on how you hit them and how many you hit, just hit” says Nganang. “If you cannot fund war you cannot peacefully protest”Patrice Nganang, Stony Brook University Professor and supremacist Bamileke is calling for Beti genocide and ethnic cleansing in his home country, Cameroon


The Struggle Continues

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