Paul Biya expected to win Cameroon elections

8 months ago

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Well, on the 7th of October, millions of Cameroonians headed to the polls to elect a new leader. The man widely expected to win is incumbent Paul Biya, who has been in power for the last 36 years. CGTN’s Robert Nagila profiles one of Africa’s most entrenched leaders.

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The Struggle Continues

35 thoughts on “Paul Biya expected to win Cameroon elections”

  1. Africans aren't taken seriously and might as well be recolonized again thanks to fucking rule for life filth scums like biya, that bloody dick-tator belongs in the dustbin of history, Africa doesn't have room for such dick-tating filth anymore

  2. This shameless old brutal dictator is a disgrace to Africa. Obviously he's being propped up by his master, France. Many more years of suffering, brutality for our brothers and sisters in Cameroon. I wonder why the African Union tolerates this. What a tragedy.

  3. What was the need for the constitutional council. They would have at least grant one of the petition to make us feel they even review the points. Out of all the petitions none granted? This is really outrageous for a body of 10 people to seat and say a bunch of lawyers and individuals are liars. Biya you think we don’t know your game. Even before the hearing they knew the outcome of the hearing. The hearings was just to show the world they are constitutional and law abiding but the reality they fail to understand we know the games they are playing
    Shame to Cameroon, shame of having a person who probably has dementia to head the country, shame to making youths go to retirement when the old folks are working, shame to legalizing corruption

  4. Because of bread and sardin people who voted for this killer call Biya sell thier right into another 7years of stagnation ,uneployment etc😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Biya isn't going to last 7 Years.. The International Community Wants Him Out.. He'd Be Better Served To Step Down.. He's Rigged His Last Election… Changes are Coming To Cameroon.. So All The Peoples In Cameroon Need To Do Is STAND DOWN.. We Got This…

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