15 thoughts on “Paul Biya just confirm Chris Anu banned on ADF, SOCADEF and AMF.From FEDERALIST.LISTEN PLS”

  1. Shut up, leave IG and Co alone. You will soon follow Tapang to court. Liar! You can't fool us. We know our enemies in this revolution and you are one of them. Fake news!

  2. It's Either u can't read or u can't understand after reading. How does what u are saying connects to what u read. What about cardinal Tomi's AAGC? Dont u think Biya is talking about that?U people think as u can talk in social media, u are kings. The IG can never sell us. We trust them , so say something else. Tell Ayaba to first give back the money he collected from Chf mukete. We know that Ivo was staying in his farm. What was he doing there?

  3. STUPID CHEAP PROPAGANDA THAT DOES NOT EVEN MAKE THE SLIGHTEST CHILDISH SENSE. ANOTHER PLOY BY lrc and its' ADF agents working together to derail the Ambazonia peoples' liberation struggle.

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