20 thoughts on “Paul Biya's Last Battle”

  1. Alot of tension and confusion now in LRC.You are very correct Chris and thanks. Just to add something for Ambazonians to know because I'm still on GZ.All Biya's colonial administrators including the military in Ambazonia are tired of this senseless war declared by their master. They are on hot sits and have no choice but praying for Biya to die or for the international community to Intervene for peace so they can rest. Secondly Our President Seseko ATJ can't be released now because he still stands for Independent, thats why LRC keep twisting and transferring judges to prolong the case.I can assure Ambazonians that we have won.Long live GZ fighters, Long live The Republic of Ambazonia. All fund the AK campaign.

  2. Thank you our communication Sec, we are on the track of our independence. We must remain committed to ourselves, Yaounde is so desperate. But we are calling on other Ambazonain fractions like the AGC, MORISE, APNC group to laydown their incorporated attitudes, jealousy, notion of hijacking our government, to come out and apologies to 10millions Ambazonain first for their misconduct before IG sends a hand of fellowship to them. If not so then after our independent many of them will still be on excel .The time is now and not tomorrow, all our energy ,money Is to support the IG and not groups of power mongers .please fun your AK in your county we have talented activists like Eric Tataw and others who are the people's platform. Let do our part pleaseeee groundzero is suffering. Thanks

  3. Paul Biya will run around until all his stolen moneys in his coffers will be empty in the war, but will finally come to the negotiation table with the people of Ambazonia. The sooner the better for both sides. Thanks to Mr Chris Anu for this perfect analyses.

  4. Thanks for presentation & update of the present situation . You spit more fire into southern camerounians without& with less faith, & as such, strenghten thier faith. Glory be to the most high God. Thank u JESUS. Amen.

  5. Great analysis and extremely well said. Ambazonia will NEVER be colonize or Rule by Franch Cameroon again. We are free from dictator Paul Biya country.

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