Peace for Libya: Can Libya’s new interim government succeed? | Conflict Zone

2 weeks ago

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Libya has a new government of national unity, which promises free elections by the end of this year. But the roadblocks it faces are immense. DW’s Conflict Zone confronts the country’s ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Tamim Baiou.

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The Struggle Continues

21 thoughts on “Peace for Libya: Can Libya’s new interim government succeed? | Conflict Zone”

  1. Anyone with a bit sense of history knows that Libya is NOT a country born out of organic development. It's a conglomerate of tribes requiring a strongman at the helm to cultivate a sense of nationhood. By removing that strongman, Libya will just fall back to the tribal warfare as you see today. Pathetic for the population…..

  2. The ambassador has contradicted himself….he has asked for the international community to offer support, but then uses the words like meddling and intervention of outside actors. In fairness, the recent history and events of Libya are excruciating. To create the foundation for a peaceful future will require compromise and meeting of minds, but does the long history and culture of the tribes living there make room for that?

  3. I‘m sorry but this host is just plain bad. He could ask so many good questions but looks on his sheet were he sees the narrativ he has to follow. This has nothing to do with critical journalism. Pls granddad go to your „deserved“ retirement.

  4. Did you ask him about Turkish troops (paid jihadists from Syria)? Erdogan influence and bribery of the electors of the interim friendly to Turkey prime minister?

  5. The whole interview was. We have new government, Countries intervening in our affairs, The need of the help of international community and look at the positive side.

    The speaker ”Tamim Baiou” is not ready, Not equipped with enough information and using week facts.

    I wish the best to Libya and the Libyan people.

    I believe the change won’t come if it hasn’t been from Libyans them self. Libya shouldn’t wait for the UN or any foreign country Libya should work with itself, With its neighbours (Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria) and the help of the regional organization such as the Arab League, the African Union.

  6. The Western Powers successfully exported false democracy in another Middle East Country. Not much difference compared to Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. Stimulated discontent, created civil wars, bombed and Invaded.

  7. What’s happening in Libya is very clear mr host, bombing the country with drones then sending in militants, militias and terrier groups left right centre that’s what causing mass murders and keeping the country unstable.. all this due to people like yourself and me (the tax payers)our money is getting used to kill civilians not only in Libya but every country in Africa is suffering from it. Western Politicians, western media and all those billionaires are to blame for all this chaos.. btw circle of karma is very small 👍🏽

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