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Lupang Hinirang (Tagalog, “Chosen Land”) is the national anthem of the Philippines. Its music was composed in 1898 by Julian Felipe, and the lyrics were adapted from the Spanish poem Filipinas, written by José Palma in 1899. Originally written as incidental music, it did not have lyrics when it was adopted as the anthem of the revolutionary First Philippine Republic and subsequently played during the proclamation of Philippine independence on June 12, 1898.

During the American Colonial Period, the Flag Law of 1907 prohibited public display flags, banners, emblems, or devices used by revolutionaries in the Philippine-American War.Under color of this law, the colonial government banned the song from being played.The Flag Law was repealed in 1919. During the Commonwealth era, Commonwealth Act No. 382, approved on September 5, 1938, officially adopted the musical arrangement and composition by Julian Felipe as the Philippine National Anthem.

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The Spanish lyrics were translated into Tagalog beginning in the 1940s, and a final, Pilipino version from 1956 was revised in the 1960s to the present lyrics. Over the years, several English versions came into use. On February 12, 1998, Republic Act No. 8491, officially set out Tagalog lyrics as the National Anthem, abandoning use of the Spanish and English versions.

Some English language sources erroneously translate Lupang Hinirang as “Beloved Land” or “Beloved Country”;the first term is actually a translation of the incipit of the original poem Filipinas (Tiérra adorada), while “Beloved Country” is a translation of Bayang Magiliw, the current version’s incipit and colloquial name. Some sources assert that an English version of anthem lyrics titled “Philippine Hymn” was legalized by Commonwealth Act No. 382.That Act, however, only concerns itself with the instrumental composition by Julian Felipe.


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