23 thoughts on “PIDGIN NEWS FRIDAY MARCH 15th 2019 – EQUINOXE TV”

  1. Chai. Cameroon,
    May God help us,
    Real misuse of power. How can a peaceful walk bring disorder even when the barners are carrying messages of dialogue.
    God who rules over the affairs of men will have the final say in Cameroon

  2. An administrative officer will not speak like an administrator, threatening to beat someone up and saying na so wuna bamenda people di came do. Shithole la republic, disgusting fat bele ugly Ekema

  3. Ekema is a mental disorder patient, this is indicating how stupid and uncivilized he is . A mayor is somebody who should be calm when situation arises, but he came and started insulting Bamenda people. Mad man who called himself mayor shame Ekame.

  4. That big man for parliament don old power no dey to waka.make ye no fall like Mugabe for pubic.wuna release mad man from jail if not wuna di craze pass that mad man

  5. If he made peace is not important but he has showned his babaric altitude in public .I doubt if he fears God, to have done that it shows a lot about his person and selfish nature

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