14 thoughts on “PIDGIN NEWS – Wednesday, December 26th 2018 – EQUINOXE TV”

  1. Jupiter how long this mess gonna last? How dare are you to be so mean to our fellows brothers? Cameroon it's not belongs to Evil people like you and your circle…Jupiter you owed cameroonians for some point that you can't even imagine for 36 yrs of robbery,killings abuse set back etc..you'll all paid back someday. Such old dam crab blood government that the whole world had never see before.

  2. Ayah foundation manipulations.we are already awared of the dirty game of that propaganda network so called foundation.asking to the people to tell lies before the camera and later to be used by the so called diaspora and the IG’s fake pastors for their propaganda and manipulation on social media.

  3. People like Ayah foundation and some equinox journalists are not helping this country they are the problem.some Catholic priests have been playing that game in the south West but God been so good it has backfired to those priests.

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