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4 months ago

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Les dernières nouvelles vous apportent les dernières actualités dans le sud du Cameroun, alors que la crise socio-politique continue de secouer le pays. Nous vous apportons également les dernières nouvelles du monde, abonnez-vous à notre chaîne pour connaître les derniers événements dans les régions camerounaises du sud (anglophones).
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The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “Please Watch & Listen To This For Yourself | Watch & See Something | Watch”

  1. Mr Willy, I wish there were two or three Ambasonians like u to emphasize on unity. This names are dividing us and divided we stand divided we fall. One AMBAZONIAN LEADERSHIP, One AMBA ACTIVIST FORCE, one AMBA FORCE, the AMBAZONIAN ARMY. If can get this done AMBAZONIAS Will rally behind this unity. In fighting and slander will stop. My son Willy I cry with u.

  2. I have known from the start that Willy is very stupid.I understand we are all worried,He has six kids schooling in Buea and is asking others to leave,He is saying the so called struggle has no head but asking others to join in the madness.Basically every country has a problem but we have passed that era when you will call innocent people to carry cutlasses and face a modern army with full gear after inciting tribal hatrate and expect a pad in the back..,,Modern soldiers are scientist who want to show how they can cure illnesses ,create jobs for their people,the lives of their people first,invent enginering softwares ,etc.we warned you people to be wise but you all chosed to show us your big noses as fighters,now the consequences are on everyone,God punish the day he decided to add very stupid people to our communities , The very people who didn't listen to others are now saying" No man no be know ,because you were all so doomed" No to silly wars when we are trying to unite the whole continent despite our inabilities. Willy is one of those who ran out in order not to waste his life but he is trying to incite others, If you are very angry go home and face it like other savages,In the old children like you were noticed by prophets and dealth with upon birth to avoid lingerring curses.Bulls!!!The whole country has a problem ,because you have big noses we are where we are today..I hate the way you Ambaas respond to hijackers of social protest.Imagine !!!May God never allow that rubbish ideology of ambaa to come through(since every dream is possible,even Bonamousadi can become a country if they know what to do).Imagine a country in which every uprising will be resolved with a gun in this era when others are capturing the galaxies savages are thinking of how to eat others.

  3. We are praying for the day when a child born in Banga Bakundu, will be raised in Banga Bakundu, speak the Balondo language, be also fluent in the English language, and succeed with his own God given talent right there in Banga Bakundu, get married in Banga Bakundu, and stay with his healthy family in Banga Bakundu.
    I love that, 'one day', music even more, now that I have heard how much you have struggled to get to where you are. There is no reason for you to go and learn the Douala language to bring out your own God given talent when you are a Balondo child.
    Your English is nice. Nicer than your pidgin. And I mean that, truly. I am not saying that because I want us to stop speaking pidgin English. Your English is truly nicer than your pidgin. That your one day song is a very nice song. We do not just pray and leave it there. We also act.
    There is justice in the world. Justice will prevail. Our country is naturally rich. We have our fertile land. The values of the tribes of that land are good. There is no reason for our people to be suffering like that. Brother, drop the, 'F' word.
    They call Southern Cameroonians Nigerians. That is one of the things they do that makes me really angry.

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