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1 month ago

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Les dernières nouvelles vous apportent les dernières actualités dans le sud du Cameroun, alors que la crise socio-politique continue de secouer le pays. Nous vous apportons également les dernières nouvelles du monde, abonnez-vous à notre chaîne pour connaître les derniers événements dans les régions camerounaises du sud (anglophones).
Abonnez-vous et appuyez sur la sonnerie pour voir une nouvelle vidéo chaque jour


The Struggle Continues

20 thoughts on “Please watch & Really Listen To This For Yourself | Watch & Hear Something | Watch”

  1. Great message to enablers thanks Bro Ivo almighty God is your strength 🙏❤️🤾🏋️👊i pray for the well being of Ambazonia General ,General Efang the Lord is your strength 🙏🌄❤️ and the prayers of the people of Ambazonia brought you alive 🙏 God almighty is great

  2. Ok .now you poeple are working with LRC. Now we know that you poeple are not fighting for our Independent. Tapang Ivo Eric Tataw Capo Daniel Pamela Emmanuel Ngong dog We are waiting for you poeple on that day 13th March 2020 .On that day the world will know what and who are fighting for Ambamzionia Land . ADF you poeple should not run we Ambamzionia will be there for you. ADF Chu Ayaba Tapang Ivo Capo Daniel Pamela Emmanuel Ngong dog . Shame to you. Shame to you Eric Tataw on that day you will know why you came to this world and the family who brought you in this world. Tapang Ivo your days are number. You were the one who said Efang was died now you are showing us Efang. Keep on digging your grave. We shall help you to cover you up .

  3. Confused pple for Ambazonia.. How thy will not delete because you are guys are confused indeed. Fight against LRC armies not among yourselves… Shame on you for protest amongt yourselves. For me fight LRC first to sent them away from Ambaland then get yur independence after bring pple to justice for their actions

  4. There's only one thing l want to let you know Tapang Ivo lf anything goes wrong with Dr Sako Samuel Ikome snd Chris Anu we the Ambamzionial will hold you responsible .You will not free from us the Ambamzionial. Stop calling Capo Daniel Pamela Emmanuel. He does want your ideas.

  5. How can pastors killed whereas they are suppose to be preaching the word to the people, thank God that his finger is pointing on you people ,why are killing innocent people you call brothers what a shame

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