18 thoughts on “PLO Lumumba appriciate president MAGUFULI, why MAGUFULI becomes a Successor?”

  1. Firstly they must know that TANZANIA is a HOLY NATION, it was reserved by GOD FATHER…. Israel is no longer HOLY Nation(they are sources of conflicts) because they insulted, rejected and killed Jesus Christ(John 9:29) after then he imprecated them and the kingdom of GOD left them and is in TANZANIA(Matthew 21:43)…..Also there fact that the first man created by GOD was found in TANZANIA(Genesis 2:7), so EDEN is in TANZANIA and all animals and birds created by GOD at Genesis 2:19 are found in TANZANIA….we are no longer hidden….all resources that they exploited during colonialism were examples but the original one are reserved….. It is a time now for TANZANIA and it is a time for AFRICA to be respected because the snake that give them power to discriminate AFRICAN is no longer alive and the GOD FATHER who is the creater of all things is in TANZANIA now!!!!They must come whether they like or not….

  2. There is personal freedom for the individual; that is, his right to live in dignity and equality with all others, his right to freedom of speech, freedom to participate in the making of all decisions which affect his life, and freedom from arbitrary arrest because he happens to annoy someone in authority and so on. All these things are aspects of freedom, and the citizens of Tanzania cannot be said to be truly free until all of them are assured.”

    -Nyerere on Freedom and Development

  3. Those who hate his policies are the ones who were ripping and looting a lot.. now that it's almost over..
    Lets the whites suffer peacefully.. They can take it or leave it.. the much they stole and smuggled from Africa is enough.. Corruption is killing Africa and some other parts of the world.. deal with it perpendicularly.. Some years to come.. Tanzanians will really realise how much you loved them and the country.. Its not an easy ride or route but as long as God is for the good.. You will manage.. God bless you Mr president

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