31 thoughts on “PLO Lumumba, Strong Speech for Young Africans, Africa young Africans must Wakeup”

  1. Am really inspired by this great man we have in Africa. To answer your question on what are we doing in our 20s? Well in South Africa we students started a movement called #FeesMustFall in 2015. We fought against the government and universities demanding free quality high education, and we won the battle sir. Even wen some of our struggle leaders are jailed today by the government, we achieved free education.

  2. To many of us African Americans want to move to Africa, but why when Africans still have borders drawn up by Europeans. It proves there colonial mentality. We might as well stay here , and deal with real whites not whites in bkack skin.

  3. strong up to my people, i goes by the name natty p the general and have 06 songs on youtube i wanna share with you all, the first one is tribute to mandala, # 2 rising sun, # 3 division, # 4 natty p again, # 5 treat her like a Lady, # 6 my baby, all yours my people, just type in the name of the song, then natty p the general, enjoy and please share them with all your friend, stay strong up you all, one love, please keep the Fyah Burning PROF, PLO Lumumba

  4. Just like the way Malema of south Africa had put it,you can't put on wigs in court of law and preach us about decolonization of Africa. We should be smart. Why copy them? We should have our own ways of doing things.

  5. Chinese worship images that look like them, Japanese worship some one who looks like them, Indians are doing the same thing but Africans are worshipping some one who does not look like them they are possessed with white Jesus n Mary the mother which's nothing but Cesar Borgia image now called Jesus Christ. Some Africans are still in coma the leaders are heartless human beings n clueless about what is going on around the world.

  6. Thanks for the upload; But why does the person have to have background music has if to give it more effacy or to keep us from being bored. We sing and dance much sometimes.

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