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Plz is this Tampico???

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Plz is this Tampico???

Courtesy of… Boy Rass || 2018-03-13 16:01:54

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  1. Sab Anthia says:

    Its obvious u don’t have eyes. That’s a needle and a thread

  2. Efia Dilloyd says:

    Na you fresh drink cover eyes

  3. You’ll see stupid people pouring comments

  4. Boy Ross u comot which village

  5. U be yam…bieibie yam for da matter…na condom u hollam so

  6. Is milk drink and u will good

  7. Gwetang Mado says:

    Just drink it so you can have a test of it.

  8. Ayeah Lily says:

    Mamamyi #purewater

  9. Clovis Awa says:

    U no get senes na champion whisky dat.

  10. Teke Kelly says:

    No it’s fosterglack

  11. Oh ma guy na hot kaikai take and be strong mumu

  12. Drink n tell us how it taste

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