Police Brutality – Caught on video

3 months ago

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#MKPD Police Brutality – Caught on video
Apparently, this happened in Douala, #Cameroon #Cameroun, after the protest march organised by Kamto..

You can CLEARLY see this is a CRIME, the police thug who did this MUST be identified and sent to prison for a very long time, and used as a teaching moment to ALL other law enforcement officers..

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Their Job is to serve and protect the people, NOT target them and brutalise them like this.

The Cameroon STATE MUSt act – This kind of Brutality by agents that work for the state MUST be condemned by ALL. We must fight to build a nation based on Laws, and when someone breaks the laws, they are held accountable.

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The Struggle Continues

16 thoughts on “Police Brutality – Caught on video”

  1. Ohhh I can see Amba boys are now living in Dla so u can see how police are shooting civilians on their legs and tell them to keep walking you call yourself Ma Kontri pipo dem fuck you we will continue to fight until we reach buea tell ur devilish president biya

  2. MKPD, we are aware of state brutality. Note that it is not only endemic in Cameroon. It is the case in many African states. However, my argument has always been one of damage limitations. Some of these incidents result in deaths. However, if there were to be an armed conflict of the type in anglophone Cameroon, the result as we have seen will be absolute disaster because law and order will totally break down and instead of a few deaths as would have been otherwise, thousands and thousands of people will die and it will take many many years to restore order.

  3. My kontripipo it now ur are proven to the how reliable and transperent u are to this nation and the people at large. Let keep up fighting not just for the unity of our fatherland but also for the values of a common man. Let defend the defendless and a voice for the repressed in our society. social justice probe not just wellbeing but attract the fight against tribalism, nepotism and gang governance as we have here.

  4. Am happy you are bringing their own part .talk on both side, with this every one will support you Cameroon is on fire not only on the ambas also the military has more to this barbaric act.you Dan see for yourself ,and there are more even worst than this .show the world

  5. What do you say about this my kontri man? Do you now agree that ambazonians are right to fight for their freedom? Cameroon is no longer worth calling a nation. It is over.

    If francophones double their resistance rate, Biya regime will fall in a matter of few weeks.

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