Politics On Sunday: Dissecting Politics Of Religion

1 month ago

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The Struggle Continues

9 thoughts on “Politics On Sunday: Dissecting Politics Of Religion”

  1. In your greatest imagination you northern thinks that every others ethnic groups are useless with your dictatorial aspirations which will never lead you to anywhere than to crushed urselves with your impunity characters and hypocrisy that will definitely make Nigeria to break up someday, when Nigeria has finally broken down beyond your sentiment, you northern always talk about corruption and you ppl are more corrupt than the devil himself. President buhari is the most corrupt president since the creation of Nigeria. The northern are Nigeria greatest problems and failure and highest poverty in the land. Cos of your greedy of power without direction, senseless and unreasonable ppl who only think about their own pocket only without putting the general masses of Nigeria's citizens interest first. God will definitely disappoint you all

  2. Mr Governor, the present developed countries learnt from the past but Nigeria has not been learning. Cut your coat according to your cloth, why is the present government not doing that Sir?

  3. As a president in making do you believe in Cause and Effect,? Buhari is an elderly man and you believe he should be left alone Not even listening to the advice from the legislature?
    Nigerians will still be living in unachievable dreams with people like you

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