Poutine Tacos

1 year ago

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A poutine is a french fry, cheese curd and gravy dish that is super popular in Canada. This is a recipe for that in taco form. Recipe Link Below

Poutine Tacos


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27 thoughts on “Poutine Tacos”

  1. Josh, keep doing what you are doing, loving your channel and the videos you are making. The views aren't that high, but you clearly don't care, you do this for passion. Love you bro, and if you ain't speaking that guapanese you ain't speaking my language 👌

  2. I've never had a poutine… but I do want one! How do you come up with all of these recipes? All of them are delicious! I love your channel and am always excited to see the next video! <3

  3. Cheese curds not an easy thing to find???? They are at every grocery store, convenience store, gas station, farmers market, etc…. squeaky or fried. Visit Minnesota, we have everything!

  4. Hey Josh! I saw from your snap you got new cookware and that’s awesome to hear! I was wondering if you’d be open to donating your old cookware? I’m starting out in an apartment kitchen right now and I don’t have much of the materials I want to really expand my cooking techniques and try new things, let me know if you’re interested if not, no skin off my teeth. Love the snap and YouTube, keep it up homie!!

  5. I just found u on snapchat and i absolutely hate you 😒 and thats only because your really tryna fuck up my decent eating habits 🙄 but i shall now subscribe lol

  6. I think you are awesome!! I love all your videos and snaps!! I just wanted to tell you that I am a Canadian born and raised and it is actually pronounced POU-TIN not POU-TEEN, I laughed my ass off when I heard you pronounce it like that hahaha, keep up the good work tho dude

  7. I’m a culinary student at el centro (dallas, Tx) and I follow you on snap and I’ve tried a few of your recipes and they’re pretty great my dude 👏🏻

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