1. Dr. Ayaba you have said it all only God knows what is in your. God will judge each and everyone of us.Just keep on your work. Help us to get to Buea. Dont listen to what others are saying if you Dr. Ayaba what you are saying is true just keep on fighting. God will reward you with all what you're doing.God bless you and keep you struggling. I prayed In Jesus Name Aman . Stay bless .

  2. Why didn't you inform the IG and other groups if you weren't going there for your selfish interest.
    The IG speaks on behalf of the people of Ambazonia , tell your followers to stop addressing you as H.E president Ayaba cuz we have only one president who is in jail now and he's being represented by Dr Sako.
    Joint hand with the IG

  3. You are the worst thing that ever happened to our revolution, you thief and lair, I knew you were a thief before now, who are you leading? You can never represent Ambazonians, you are worst than LRC and Nigeria put together.

  4. Yes I can perceive the intellectual part of you olboy but the street wiseness am not seeing I mean the katikoroo the anti chooky you should develop brother man because na this very chooky wey them tyam for siseku and e fall inside so brother man shine ur eye because the position you have put your self you should have all this quality am talking about

  5. Luckily that there is social media,no one can stop u from talking,u suppose to be hiding by now u are really a shameless man,leave us with big grammar scammer!!!!!!this wonna thing don be like na joke ;you pple should be very carefull.You are just repeating what we all already know,go straight to the point did u take money from Atanga Nji or not tell us

  6. Ayaba ur intentions were devilish. What if this deal was actually true? See u can narrate as much as u want. The evidence of ur chats speaks all. Man u are heartless. U could have traded every one in Ambazonian. All those believing are drunk. This is the end of ur fame. Come to think of it, let's say that test was organized by LRC , u would have fallen like a coward. In this case, Sesseko et al. Are heroes. Don't be fooled people will continue to listen to again. I was ur supporter but u shocked us. U are greedy. Step down or else we shall step u down. Disgrace

  7. You are a good talker.
    You are not a good unifier .
    Please work with the cover of the IG so you can be covered in a confused situation like this one.
    You are playing your part just like others.
    The thinking that you're more important is what will destroy you.
    You can never do more than those who have died in this thing.
    The only way you can become more important is to die.
    Can you??
    Yes work with others!

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