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7 years ago

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Watch & Enjoy #PremaKhaidi Full Movie With English Subtitles Exclusively on Sri Balaji Video. Starring #Vidharth, #AmalaPaul, Sethu, Ramaiah, Story & Directed By Prabhu Soloman, Produced By Subramanyam B and Rupresh Y, Music Composed by D. Imman.

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Prema khaidi Suri (Vidharth) is a poor kid who helps out a single mother and her daughter Myna (Amala Paul). Suri and Myna fall in love as they grow up. Suri settles as a daily wage labor and pays for the college and maintenance of Myna’s family. Suri attempts to kill Myna’s mother as she cheats and him and try for a rich alliance for Myna. Suri is arrested and kept in jail. He escapes from the jail when he realises that Myna is forcibly getting engaged to a guy from Dubai. Jailer Bhaskar (Sethu) and constable (Thambi Ramaiah) had to find out where Suri is and get him back to jail in 2 days. The rest of the story is all about how the cops capture Suri and what happens next.


The Struggle Continues

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  1. చాలా మంచి చిత్రం…కనీసం ఈ సినిమా చూసి అయిన కొందరు మారాలి. ప్రేమ అని నమ్మించి మోసం చేస్తున్న వారు ఒక్కసారి చూడండి…కనీసం ఇప్పుడైనా ప్రేమ పేరుతో మోసం చేయడం ఆపితే నా లాగా మీ నమ్మక ద్రోహానికి బలి కాకుండా వుంటారు..

  2. లాస్ట్లో వాల్లని వదిలేసారు అని కంగారు పడ్డాను అమ్మయ్య పోలిస్ వాల్లని చంపేసాడు😂😂😂

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