26 thoughts on “Prince Carr: Ambazonian internal squabble continuous”

  1. Carl boy sorry you got no good advisers. You keep up up back to back just to try clean your mess so far you keep sinking further down. Sorry to say this you more and more useless just because of your blind or corrupted by people who lack credibility or whose credibility has long gone in the face of Ambalanders. Ground zero is too smart you man your Sako has long lost credibility like it or not it’s the truth

  2. Broken hallway prince without palace. Eric has become your target for the revolution rather than LRC. I can tell Eric has gotten deep under your skin with the naked truth. Lol.

  3. You! Wise?! GOD help Ambazonia. All Ambozonia need's is for Mr. Sako to leave. Only then Carl, will you see Ambazonians pick up contributions again. You sound very childish and stupid comparing president Sesiko and Sako! Now I know you are part of the con!!!

  4. You are the worst activists in this struggle my man you are supporting Sako in everything a president that will address this people in a gym, chaii man you need to beg for forgiveness to Eric tataw and the people of Ambazonia

  5. Not any of these negative comments below will change the minds of SCians bz your negative comments be it for ayuk or sako aren't what is giving the GZ the force to put their lives of the line . There are many born leaders on GZ who aren't PhD qualified but who are better than the two that you are battling over to disqualify.
    U activists have already helped to disqualify ayuk and sako as president thro your war of words who is who voted rule. So don't mind GZ have their leader who will emerged one day and lead them and u in diaspora will stay with your two disqualified presidents. It is good that it is only u in the diaspora who have disqualified the two presidents. So u will blame no one than yourselves for destroying their personalities to the SCians.

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