1. The truth is that the IG has lost control over the revolution. We must take note that poverty is extremely high in cameroon. Therefore, the involvement of money without any clear procedure of distribution will only cause more confusion. Blame game would not solve the problem. Rather solution seeking by eliminating the middlemen is more likely to solve the problem. I can't believe that anglophones can allow themselves to be so easily corrupted.

  2. @Geresse Angel: You are a fool. Despite the in fighting, I can assure you that LRC forces will never win this war. You are dreaming, it's two years now LRC forces are unable to beat Amba boys. We will crush LRC forces they are very weak.

  3. Bad as the situation on GZ may be, how are you helping matters using this open forum rather than back channels to expose the weaknesses? Dirty linen should never be washed in public. All useful tips to enhance performance should be channelled through back routes so as to minimize the impact of divide-and-rule.

  4. Do these guys listen to themselves. Na wona di cause confusion in this struggle. From what I have deciphered, these guys main aim is to sabotage Ayaba Cho. All I hear from you guys themes is tribalism. If they were not prepared isn't it our duty as Ambazonians to help them prepare instead of hosting smear campaigns? I have never heard you criticize the weakness and poor leadershipness of IG. Come on guys stop instigating tribalism. You guys have lost the trust of Ambazonians.

  5. Please, you and Eric Tataw continue to tell the truth. Emergency fund is needed before the election. Put up the account and you both should buy the necessary equipments needed. Please, don't wait for no body. The IG should help, please. Thank and remember Ambazonia First. Always tell the truth no matter the threats. Continue to tell nothing but the truth. They are SELFISH, POWER and HUNGER. They are all thieves. Come out more often and tell nothing but the truth. Some of us wants to know the truth. Thank you and God bless us all AMABAZONIAS.

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