25 thoughts on “PRINCE J CARR The rebirth of Ambazonia Unveiling the truth”

  1. Wuna stop this nonsense let things go back to normal because there's no reason to let our parents running to the bushes losing property and life's you guys can't fight war full stop . Stop this drama let people leave, with this your diaspora selfish political interest

  2. Don't ever talk about Sud Africa. Go and learn about Sud Africa Nelson Mandela never take guns or fight with military. You know our many people died in Sud africa police shut students and activist. So stop talking about Sud Africa.

  3. Whu are you ambaz with a small population having too many factions? Cant you see that the future depends on all your one sovereignty? And i beg to disagree. We never need a government but a liberation movement. With mission to have an army and heavely armed military supported by non western countries. Using our UNGA 1608. This would had exposed cameroun as a fraud to china russia n korea even sime western countries when tgey see our Unga 1608 INDEPENDENCE flashed on tv every where and thr map of cameroun today annexing southern cameroons the whole world would see why we fight. And more natiins would had come to our support. We needs a secretary general of the ambazonia liberation front. Just lije swapo. Unita. Zanu. Okay but you are bery badly advised i told scacuf leaders this in 2017 and warned them never never to call for sreet celebration on oct 1 because the regime wipe wipe all out and after that he will declare a war and wiped out all villages i told them this. That whats needed was a silently international diplomacy and military liberation not a diplomatic offensive. Its not late protest foesnt help internationalize UNGA 1608 AND SEEK FOR HEAVY MILITARY SUPPORT FROM CHINA RUSSIA N KOREA .GHANA UGANDA S AFRIKA

  4. I told them they said scacuf will fight for them atan milan said that ndagham and the rest i told them the people will be wiped out its pnly happened as o said i told them again if they dont creat an army sooner and STOP depending on armless untrain bysh figjters they will loose. Bush fighters can only sustain for a short time imagine 50 tanks and san and rpg van silence a big number of lrc troop. Or a battery og grads agsin a battalion of bir can stop thiscwar but our leaders dont follow advise only their heads

  5. Why dont you announce that those people livibg in towns should take in the homeless in bushes and house them and tge diaspora will send them stipends. Why havent your soo call IG told them that. Stsying in the bush is that a taljing point?

  6. Another error is their putting your hands into all holes like the UNPO,UNPO ISnot connected to UNO its a ngo for unrepresented tribal people of one COUNTRY are we a part of cameroun or a seperate independent country which is been occupied by cameroun and only struggle to de occupied itself? Nfor gala make the same mistake for 20 yrs and took Scnc into UNPO nothing hapoened for 20 yrs. He was decieved because he and others are blind soo those who drag this struggle to unoo are more blind than nfor gala. Okay. You better leave that ngo and turn this thing to truth Use the legal means use the 1608 to non western powers and seek military and financial help to get heavy weapons and creat an army if your leaders dont folliw my advise .then all those budh fighters will give up and the struggle will end with lrc winning and enslaving every one forever. What i ever said always happened

  7. Foncha never jojn french man since no treaty wad ever signed say the mistake they did was never to creat tgeir own army.and if they had. An army in 1961 then a treaty would had to be signed.its a must its not a one man budiness its not talk talk but action

  8. Do you know that theres no record that UN ever requested for a plebiscite in 1961 ? Since our independence was not from uk but from Unga.vote by 64 countries against 23. And cameroun and france were against. Soo the idea of plebiscite was from a back talk from french.uk using the Un back door its never aUn officisl documented order. Soo southern cameroons had the power to say no.and show them our independence paper that we are already independent via the UN. Soo UN cannot request from any joi ing or plebiscite of any kind but our leaders then were blind just ass the current leaders. They were told the right way but were styrbirn same thing today i daw tomorrow and told them but they are sturborn how many countries have seen our UNGA Independence diciments ? None
    Hiw many protests had they done? 1000s. But no action from any country to support us . Why? Because when they look at the map of cameroun to learn about our struggle including usa the see us indide cameroun as a province. And they had never been educated and maps shon to them. This work to educate the internation community fir suppirt belings to our leaders okay we cannot win without international support. Cameroun itself cannot make war with us if it wadnt getting internatiinal support soo why doo our leaders think they can win a war only with diadpira funding and support. How much.money does diadpira have? Nothing. Our leaders are blind. I nerd to open their eyes we git to think 50 yrs tomirriw .100yrs 500 yrs and then we can see clearer where our road ought to be. This thing is goi g the wrong way.its not diplomatic war. Its a milutary war.


  10. My young man theres a right way to think and thhe wrong way. You first creat an army before a government.not a government before an army. If you dont have an army to protect tge state and people first you can never have a government on the territory. QED

  11. Vitual government is not a government. Kniw that first. You can gave your virtial gov for 100 yrs if you dont have a heavily armed andctrained army on the ground you cannot have a free country.

  12. Instead of enumerating and vilifying the names of persons you do not like, why not just make your own contribution and let the people assess you by it? Is it a crime for John Mbah Akuroh to pick up the relay baton instead of leaving a big emptiness?

  13. Stop talking about John mbah akuro. You think if we allow this revolution into the hands of South westerners what can you do. I have been following u up ever since you started this your so call platform. You keep criticizing north westerners. According to you all south westerners in this revolution are all doing the right thing.

  14. Sometimes you try to talk sense at the same time being very childish. Have you asked yourself who pushed this revolution to where it's today. Everyone of you including ayuk tabe picked up this revolution from macho BBC and wirlba but today all of you have forgotten about them.

  15. My br tell them abeg bc no body is perfect the iG has made it own errors but why is it impossible for them to join the iG n support n bring their own ideas they should stop fighting the iG is undesputable

  16. Prince J Carr you said one thing that wakes me. Pa John Ngu Foncha, S T Muna and others came to the Community Field Victoria years back to apologies for the mistake they made to have taken us the Southern Cameroon to join La Republique Du Cameroun as a Nation call United Republic of Cameroon. Today we have decided to stop that relationship.

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