5 thoughts on “PRINCE J CARR With Merciful Truth for AMBAZONIA”

  1. 'Kulu Henry Henry- God please help us, those from the diaspora I see infront of your names prof , doctors , Pastors etc meaning you people are well educated and enlightened please have pity on us and accept international declarations and let peace rain' .

  2. Thank you prince you know tibor Nagy said he support the unified Cameroon Cameroon because we are all educated idoits. America has seen division among us. Just want to congratulate you for this talk meet you on the 13 in DC

  3. You are the biggest bakerian fool I have ever seen you people always say you have already taking over southern Cameroon why ain’t you guys coming to country the territory? Noise makers you too doll can you tell me any international forum that is supporting ambazonia? You people wil only preach from January to December but nothing wil change camerooon is 1 an indivisible amba kidnap rape behead people so why is it that when military also kill innocent people you people are cryin I tel you this as far as the is amba the killings must stil continue they say the have odeshi buy dem d go hide na inside bush say dem d fight lrc let dem com an combat with the military back to back massa wuna go find work with ya 5 billion teeth dem for your mouth bush rat cow

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