13 thoughts on “Princess Harriet calls on comrade Mark Bareta to Start Speaking the Truth & Save the Revolution.”

  1. Princess Harriet or what ever you call your self. May God forgive you for being a traitor. How much money LRC paid you the money will get finish before you realise. The blood of those who have died will hunt you through out your entire life.

  2. I'm sure this voice message was personally for Mark Bareta and not the public. I'm tired of watching videos where we come on air and slam our fellow brothers and sister, yet we say we're one and indivisible.

    How many LRC videos are there on social media about their own crisis within. We insult our fellow brothers, expose warfare tactics & happily make the world to see that we're not even ready for the independence we preach.

    LRC operate under one force which is governed by Etoudi. Why can't we do the same and form a force under one control from our government. Too many fighting groups under various leaders and we say we're one?
    Let's stop all these individual fighting groups and create a unitary force under one government.

  3. Lady….whatever you call yourself and to all such as Boh Herbert who have issues with the IG now…what do you really want at this stage of the revolution? Dissolve the IG, start a democratic election now? How does it move forward things at this stage.?Will it bring in more sugarcanes and groundnuts? I think is not the best solution for now. The other leaders should join the IG, we liberate homeland and once at home, we play politics. I don’t think any of the leaders of any group was democratically chosen, we hear zero accountability from them…all eyes on the IG, which is expected because it is a government…but true comrades willl over look this for now but see how they can make the best of a “bad” situation and once in Buea, all can be made perfect if needed. Can anybody testify of a public hearing of the accounts of MORICS? Boh is a distractor and all who keep hitting on the IG

  4. Harriet lef Mark alone, all wuna na the same pipo. Wuna di only mimba sey wuna go rich after, Anglos dem no mean anything for wuna.

    Me ah be dan understand wuna long-long time ago. Ifi wuna bin get Anglos for wuna heart how wey wuna di all pretend so, liké Bruhari no for drive wuna liké dorty birds dem.

    Na da wuna ova langa wey chop nova even reach for on top table sef mek'am no kontri no want for stain themselves witi wuna.

    Abeg, wuna continue for scam American gov't liké Ma Flore then become rich ova nite—dis arda con short for spoil wuna own kontri for become rich go carry wuna own poh-poh heads.

    Just see how many pipo dem dan already meng forsika wuna ova coni for get power—ifi man for fit sell all da pipo dem for nyongo liké man go rich pass Bill G. Na dem dat dong die for no nating forsika wuna ova baheart witi ova foolish.

    No be you want hear the truth?…

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