Principle #7: 'Kata Principles' Workshop

3 years ago

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Principle #7: Every Time You Change Directions, You Protect Yourself.

This is a complex principle because, at first glance it seems like we are suggesting you protect yourself against a new opponent who is approaching from a different direction (e.g. the rear, the side etc).

Sensei Anthony kept his description this way because for lower grades, its easier to conceive a bunkai that involves turning to face a new attacker.

As advanced grades however, we understand that the opponent is always the same opponent who is right in front of us. We change angles and direction in kata to indicate our turning or moving on angles to take on that very same (front on) attacker.

But this principle still applies. As the hand that (for kyu grades) appears to be protecting them, now serves a purpose in application (such as pulling, grabbing, throwing etc).


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