Pro-333 – Prophecy Update, 29 March 2020 (Pestalovid 19)

11 months ago

Just what is going on in the world? Looking for the facts….? Here is how it all breaks down. Please enjoy this week’s update.


The Struggle Continues

28 thoughts on “Pro-333 – Prophecy Update, 29 March 2020 (Pestalovid 19)”

  1. Howzit Charlie from Hawaii. Are you comparing about a 1 month Covid19 U.S. death count to a year of influenza? Still would be lower but way more serious then you are reporting. Thanks for the teaching/updates and (not to common) common sense approach. Another Charlie here in Mililani, Hi.

  2. You mentioned about Psalm 91. Well a US pastor pointed out that many people are using Psalm 91 as a mantra. They are praying it & saying that they won't get the virus because they have claimed the psalm over their lives & that of their family. He pointed out that if you read Matthew 4: 1 – 11 you will notice that Satan used this verse in the second test & Jesus answered him by saying not to put the Lord your God to the test. Just a thought..

  3. NYC's published scare tactics….promoted by Cuomo….is probably to aid Cuomo to get public attention and approval….in advance of the Democrat convention….in case Biden is not the Democrat Party hierarchy's actual favorite to run….need a viable alternative. Additionally, someone outside the winner….not the first time….Hubert Humphrey was the candidate in 1968 without any public approving votes.

  4. Going to church is not whether YOU are healthy, BUT who you take it home to….that's the whole idea of not spreading it. Bad advice with good intentions still kills people. Tongue. Dangerous position being Teacher. Danger Danger Warning Will Robinson. It is not what is legal, it is what is the most loving thing to do for your fellow man. Don't spread it. Our Pastor has gone on line already and he is old. If he can do it anyone can.


  6. In AUSTRALIA We can still go for walks and work but not gather in groups of more than 2. Not spreading too bad here. Teachers spent a lot of time teaching kids to wash hands, social distancing etc before it gets prevalent.

  7. Panicking is going to cause more problems than the virus, I’m older so not to worried, my wife is concerned that we will not make fifty years together she just loves suffering, me .

  8. Mentioned .8% deaths from COVID-19 as being about the same as the flu. Influenza is around .1%. .8% is 8 times more. COVID-19 may also be more infectious than influenza. Current patterns indicate it is. We won't know where the peak of COVID-19 deaths will be. If the models are accurate (certainly a big IF), the estimated eventual deaths will probably top influenza deaths by about the same ratio if mitigation/suppression don't work: 8*22,000 to 8*66,000, if I remember the estimated flu deaths reasonably accurately. All of this is guess work, since we cannot trust the numbers from China and we don't know the rate of those who get the virus and do not get sick (but ditto flu). The good news– if we take advantage of online platforms to witness, there are a LOT of people listening!

  9. Hi everyone, may I suggest something? I take 1000mg of Vitamin C each day during flu season or when I start or think I may be getting something and so far after many many years I dont get sick often and if I do it goes very quickly and is very minimal , between Vitamin C and D you can keep your immune system in better shape, I am a couple years older than Charlie and being a senior citizen I am more concerned about sickness because flu or respiratory problems are a major reason for death among the older generation

  10. I am concerned for our way of life. I listen to your broad casts on a regular basses. I would like to share my concerns with you.

    I am 82 years old and was around during the Great War. Never have I experienced our freedom being attacked as it has it been in recent years. Benjamin Franklin’s is quoted as saying “they who can give up liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”. I am sadden and afraid for my grand-children and great grand-children. And don’t get me started on how God and Christ Jesus has been eliminated from our government, schools and even from some of our Christen places of worship and the moral decay of out society.
    I fear the government more than Covid-19. Governments always need to control its citizenry to feel secure. In Germany during WW ll, Hitler enforced anyone who wished to travel to submit a request which was then review by a bureaucrat and was dejected or approved To get compliance government encouraged neighbors to report on each other, and again to gain compliance they made it mandatory to retain your job to do this.
    Once a government establishes a policy it virtually never truly rescinds it or revokes it. I do not wish to minimize the Corid-19 virus at all. But what the government is doing is longer lasting and just as sinister, and maybe more.

  11. This is a short video on the dangers of Corona Virus compared to the Flu

    As much as i respect and like Charlie with his commitment to preaching the word. Although I may not always agree with everything he says. I still enjoy watching and learning from him. Although I do think it is somewhat irresponsible of him to compare the Corona Virus with the Flu.

    Which when doing so, people tend to be more complacent and perhaps not take it as serious as they should be. He speaks of Flu death rates, but doesn't mention the total amount of people who caught it. If the same amount of people caught the Corona Virus as the Flu, on a yearly basis. The Corona Virus would kill millions compared to the Flu.

    We also do not see Doctors and Nurses dying from the Flu while treating Flu cases in hospitals each year. However in comparison to the Corona Virus. We are seeing for the first time, Doctors, Nurses and Health care workers getting this virus while treating people in hospitals, and are dying themselves. This has not happened before. Or at the very least not at these numbers. So again the evidence is clear, this is far more dangerous than the Flu, and that's what Doctors on the front line have been telling us.

    The above video is just one of different videos on line, to get people to stop underestimating this virus. And stop comparing it to the Flu. Even though the elderly are at a higher risk. As the numbers grow world wide, we are now seeing infants, teenagers and all ages, ranging from 20's to 90's dying from this terrible virus, and many with no underlying medical issues. Even though you may not know someone who has died from it as yet. It is certain that anyone, in any condition, of any age can get it and die. As you will see in the video above. We have only just started seeing what this virus can do. And to make comparisons to the Flu or any other virus at this stage. Is think can be regarded as little negligent.

    It has already become more than clear now, this Corona Virus is far more contagious than the Flu, and ultimately the more people who get it, the more will die because of sheer numbers infected. What matters is this is extremely infectious, at times it behaves somewhat differently and can kill you as we are seeing everyday.

    So I believe everyone should take this serious, and don't compare this to the Flu. And do everything you can to avoid it.

    I personally know some family friends of ours. That have unfortunately lost friends of there's to this virus, some under the age of 50, and some with no existing medical conditions. Please don't take this virus lightly, we will get through this. And no matter what happens and what is yet to come. Keep your faith in Christ and call and rely on him.

    What better place to go to in these times. God Bless.

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