Prof PLO Lumumba on the current situations and conflicts in Southern Cameroons, Tigray, Nigeria etc

2 weeks ago

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The Struggle Continues

19 thoughts on “Prof PLO Lumumba on the current situations and conflicts in Southern Cameroons, Tigray, Nigeria etc”

  1. Until we Africans don't start making our own stuffs like the other continents does we are doomed to conspiracy theories… The only thing can change African like everybody does is so simple: EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION.

  2. I am in Full support of Professer Lumumbas teachings, he is a wise leader. People like Professor should be in the forefront as he is and we as a collective body of people should listen, support & respect his teachings. Lift ourselves up as individuals and the body willl follow.

  3. Proff u said exactly what i am telling my freinds.over concentration of power is killing Africa every day and the leaders are so blind or better still so gready to accept it.i told my Freinds even in Europe and other parts of the World there are so many divisions in many aspects like Proff listed countries like Switzerland, Belgium, Spain etc but yet they had to set up a good constitution and effective distribution of power and now they are living good and progressing and we now envy them. Y can't we Africans copy from them and do same so we can unite peacefully.

  4. Inspiring Talk
     International Version Isiah 3:4
    "I will make mere youths their officials; children will rule over them."

    New Living Translation
    I will make boys their leaders, and toddlers their rulers.

    English Standard Version
    And I will make boys their princes, and infants shall rule over them.

    Berean Study Bible
    “I will make mere lads their leaders, and children will rule over them.”

    New American Standard Bible
    And I will make mere lads their princes, And capricious children will rule over them,

    New King James Version
    “I will give children to be their princes, And babes shall rule over them

  5. 1.Thanks Professor …

    So called ethnicity is a misleading word having not the least concrete connection with the African realm which it Pretends to rePresent the most Basical social structure within which PeoPle share common language … But not in fact … That word ethnicity only aPPlies to euroPean society from which it originates … Thus there are euroPean ethnicities … But only African Tribes … noW Do we understand Why there are So Many Profoundly ignorant PeoPle or sell out panAfricanist and other euroPean spies with false African Profiles coming in a hurry then erroneously arguing against African Tribes as Being the Primordial cause of conflicts in Africa? … What statement is just mere speculation devoid of sense … The origins of the conflicts in Southern Cameroons, Tigray, Nigeria Congo Senegal Soudan Mali Rwanda Zimbabwe South Africa …

    are to be found nowhere But in the euroPean territorial spectra which bring in Africa their misleading words … Consequently it comes without saying as long as we adopt that word ethnicity we will experience the evil it carries forWard … Remember losing our African Tribes will lead to the disappearance of our multiple African languages in favour of comparatively insignificant euroPean dialects … making Africa a favourable field easy for European rapid conquest … in secret collaboration with the chinese …

  6. @Make Afrika Great, put Kello Media channel in the description so your large amount of viewer can view the original video. You'll also support a fellow Africans youtube Channel

  7. Mr Lumumba the african government needs to be strong in other to force whatever ethnicity in africa to live together. At the end of the day we must do what's good for all africans. Whatever in the interest of the entire continent with whatever mean neccessary whether it causes wars africa must unit. Malcolm x either we unit or we are all die together like fools. The colonizers doesn't play.

  8. Prof Lumumba, I'd like to be a student in your class one day. You have a message that every African should learn. Sorretti, thank you for introducing him to me. Not only that, Sorretti, I've seen other videos you released on youtube. You shined bright as well. I wish both your lights rid the world of the darkness it's enveloped in.

  9. Dude, who ever told you make unity attractive is a wise person. You want everyone to participate in that union pursuing – their interest. That kind of union doesn't require a military power to keep it together but to keep external enemies out. If, as in the case of Ethiopia, who hasn't had external enemies since WWII (with the exception of Eritrea that lasted for a short time) is spending huge portions of its GDP fighting internal descent, then the project of making unity attractive has failed. Which tells me, since a government in power is not willing to relinquish power, the population has to form alliance that makes unity attractive and replace the government.

  10. You're correct Sorretti, people even make deals across state and continental barriers if it is a beneficial arrangement – as they understand it. It is when you are not acknowledged as an entity that can speak to your own benefit, that you start to wonder. When the idea that you can't think for yourself is backed by a military power, some may accept out of fear, but others will take up arms in defiance.

  11. Correction Sorrettii, The two Oromo Parties and other non Oromo parties including the party that Lidetu Ayalew belonged to, and the TPLF, were warning Abiy's government of the impending constitutional crisis. They suggested a national dialogue. At the very least, a dialogue between all the opposition parties. Abiy's would not take an answer that he didn't prescribe. Hence, here we are. At war with ourselves.

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