Prof PLO Lumumba's Powerful Message to African Leaders

1 week ago

Prof PLO Lumumba Powerful Message to African Leaders


The Struggle Continues

20 thoughts on “Prof PLO Lumumba's Powerful Message to African Leaders”

  1. Fuck religion! Africa is not 54 countries Africa is just one big country with 54 states designated as countries by the white powers in order to keep the continents splintered. Until you have one United Africa with one United African Army and one United African currency back by only Africa will Africa be free.

    I am black love

  2. Religious liberty has hampered the the development of Afrika, it became a panacea for political and economic liberation of Afrika. Afrika needed no religions and/or religious leaders, it had its own ancient old Superior Spiritual systems that served it for thousands and thousands of years, until it was weakened and derailed by the coming of these white religions

  3. Thanks very much African eye opener, i still holds a positive believe that many are going to be liberated from the bondage of religious ignorance which makes many to compromise their true identity and try to be some other people in a context which is not appropriate to such identification. Africans lets wake up and appreciate the fact that we are the first people in the world and therefore most intelligent, yet we only allow others the underestimate us and as well manipulate our African identity to suit their interest by making us thinks that we are inferior. Start by changing that mind set and avoid at all cost that inferiority complex which makes you feels there is nothing you can do to get liberated. My projection shows me a revitalized Africa in few years time, an Africa where the wealth of diversity is recognized but not misunderstood as division or worship of many gods, an Africa for the Africans who are aware that they only have rich ways of worshiping the supreme being and not polytheism, not savage, not primitive, not dark continent, not animistic like some people thinks, not atheistic, and above all only one religion though with different ways of communicating to God varying from culture to culture but as a matter of fact very united with a common philosophy "I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE AND SINCE YOU ARE THEREFORE, I AM" UBUNTU. Thank you once again professor, be blessed.

  4. Borderless United States of Africa with one single currency or else we are SCREWED. Multiple currencies and borders keep Africa isolated from playing the world economics game. We act as amateurs. Come on Africa! Wake up. One currency!

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