19 thoughts on “PROPHETIC 2020: Part 2 TWO STORMS COMING”

  1. THIS WORD! I am weeping as you spoke my heart. I have been weary, tired, craving the Real Move of God that does not disappoint. I am exhorted to let go of the old (disappointments, thoughts of how God will revive me and the church), I cast it off in Jesus' name. Thank you for this Word and I receive it and rejoice in it!!

  2. I am so grateful for those leaders with a plateform dropping a clear plumbline away from a unbiblical gospel , especially in these days. Bless you, been in groanings for this very message to come forth for many years. Sharing!!

  3. Thank you for saying that "holiness" is the word of the hour. Practical righteous living is so neglected by the church in many sectors that it is appalling. Micah 6: 8 is what we need to be walking in. Do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with thy God.

  4. Excellent!! I do take serious issue with the "Toronto" and "Brownsville" so called revivals. They were full of false manifestations and bore little true fruit. I know, I was involved in all of it. Hello!

  5. If Christians, were as quick to pray, for this president as they are to criticize him..well you would have seen the changes sooner. When you pray for someone, God changes you too. You get what you pray for Christians!!

  6. Just hearing the very word holiness is bringing tears to my eyes. I hear my heart say: yes. Yes Lord Jesus. Yes. We need You. We need Your holiness. I desperately need You Lord. Yes!

  7. Proverbs 12:18 ~~~follow up with
    🙏☦️❤️🇮🇱 for President Trump!
    NancyNYS. There is daily worship in the Oval Office!

    We must make sure that the poor in OTHER countries have somewhere even to go to the bathroom, like the Bahamas , and clean water! We must obey all of the WORD, pray for Trump like in
    JAMES 4~~~we do not have because we did not ask☦️🇮🇱🙏❤️

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