Prophetic Word for Cameroon | Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

10 months ago

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The Struggle Continues

41 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for Cameroon | Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj”

  1. When Ambazonian independence will arrive, the IG will not be aware, it will take them by surprise, even our fighters on ground zero will be doubting.It will take our fighters about two or three months to be certain, that freedom has arrived.

  2. A snake that has sadly succeeded to swallow a porcupine knows not even a single word that defines peace and cannot hide. The devil could proudly claim, from a small bush in a valley, to have control over the entire country of Cameroon when he piloted the dead of many through Road accidents, ritual killings, Eseka, stupid war in NOSO, Electoral Hold-up, etc. But now, the porcupine has already been swallowed; he cannot hide anymore, let's just wait and watch. It's coming!

  3. The name cameroon was given by European. God knows cameroon in another name……pls leave us a lone with your lies. God will save the whole africa not only cameroon. Fake Prophete you are.

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