PSS Nkwen Exposes Ambazonia Web of LIES

8 months ago

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On Monday 05 Nov 2018, gunmen kidnapped 78 students and 3 staff from PSS Nkwen College in Bamenda – Cameroon. The Ambazonian efforts to deny responsibility for the kidnapping is laughable, as evidence emerge that IT WAS the terrorist separatist Amba boys who carried out the terror attack on innocent children in school.
Now the whole world is comparing Amba Boys to Boko Haram.

The Lies need to stop.


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The Struggle Continues

3 thoughts on “PSS Nkwen Exposes Ambazonia Web of LIES”

  1. Since I stared watching your videos you are always talking about the flours of Amba Boys , why don’t I hear you talk about the atrocities committed by the Colonial army ? You to don’t have a contribution to this struggle so sit quite Mr man

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