Rape culture panic is not the answer | FACTUAL FEMINIST

6 years ago

Sexual assault on campus is a serious problem—but, “rape culture” is not the answer. The Factual Feminist compares this panic to another nationwide hysteria based on faulty statistics, and how we can avoid making the same mistakes.

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Rape culture panic is not the answer

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47 thoughts on “Rape culture panic is not the answer | FACTUAL FEMINIST”

  1. I always viewed rape culture as the way rape is viewed by society, it is a shame to see people trying to use it to create fear, like women should be scared of men, that women can't enjoy a drink at a bar or afford to ever walk alone, that we're constantly at risk. Giving out warning and pamphlets on how to stop sexual assault is not going to guarantee you immunity from a predator, we should focus more on recovery for victims and not shame them for not doing "more" to prevent things like this

  2. Why is assault on college campus up to college administrators to investigate and punish? Should this not be investigated by law enforcement? Is this a result of an in loco parentus status of the college?

  3. The solution is simple. When a women have been PROVEN to have made a false rape report she should be put in jail for however long the man would have been in there if he had raped her.

  4. i have been falsely indicted for sexual assault in the past. I also destroyed my false accuser with recordings of her own voice. The only thing that prevented my case from going full blown Salem witch trial was modern technology. A smartphone with a recording app….

  5. This woman uses intelligent sounding words to express illogical and unfounded ideas. Please don't listen to her. If college students do not wish to be taught literature from books and authors that express ideals no longer accepted in our culture than I personally applaud them. I also applaud them when they disagree with the use of books and authors that promote slavery, racism, suicide, etc. These students peacefully protested a speaker they disagreed with. That's their right. They pay their tuition and the speaker was promoting her own agenda not related to course material. Do women not have the right to peacefully protest? This woman is not a feminist. Calling herself one is absurd. She isn't even for human rights

  6. Speaking about Satanic Cults, clothing line "Black Craft" has messages like "Create your own future" and "Believe in Yourself". I find these messages empowering yet the images/graphics aren't seen as such.

  7. The McMartin case and the hysteria was as bad as the Salem Witch Trials, in a way it was worse because it happened in the 20 th Century. It was so horrific what was done to that Family.

  8. This was a great video. I was hoping the drinking could be expanded on further. What are the thoughts of date rate drugs? Intentionally preying on drunk people for hookups? I do think that the idea of getting drunk and consenting to having sex with another person who is also drunk and consented being considered as rape is a bit ridiculous. With that being said, I do however consider a sober person that intentionally pursues a drunk person to have sex with them, knowing they are vulnerable and incoherent, as more of a concern. And sneaking in date rape drugs to me is 100% rape, which seems to often accompany alcohol. Thoughts?

  9. Congo the rape capital of the world has less than 10% of women being raped. 20% for American students??? Wow, lord please have mercy on America. Lol.

  10. As I watch this in March, 2018, it is amazing how little has changed. This critique of "rape culture" is as prescient now as it was when this piece was published in 2014. Sadly, the dogmatic, often hysterical "third-wave feminists" continue their witch hunts and burnings at the stake with an alacrity that is utterly mind-blowing.

  11. Feminists probably never heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf.

    This rape culture is only going to hurt the women who are actually hurt.

  12. For decades now, all these news organizations care about is getting eyeballs on the screen, NOT to see the news, but to see their sponsor's commercials. THAT is all they've ever cared about. And in today's 24-hour news cycle, with multitudes of 24-hour news channels (even local ones) the rush to get the viewers watching THEIR show and not their competitor's makes the problem so much worse.

  13. Okay, this might not be a popular question, but I just have to ask it. Why is it, at just about every rally like this, do we see at least one (if not more) hefty feminists in ugly horn-rimmed glasses shouting their heads off at people they don't agree with? Don't they realize what sort of image they are projecting? And those anti-feminists will just jump all over that, pointing it out and saying "SEE! SEE! They're all just ugly man-haters!"

    Do they care about the plight of all women? Or are they just bitter that they may have never had a date in school because no one found them attractive enough? Are they just tearing down others in order to build up their self-esteem that they believe was ruined because of all that? Don't they realize that sort of tactic – often used by those bullied in the schoolyard, who then turn around and bully someone else younger then them – does not work and only encourages even more resentment towards them?

    Or do they just not care?

  14. Rape culture panic?? yeah id say its something too take seriously. The politicians care more about votes than the people's well being. Thats derranged and sick.

  15. Honestly, I really believe that part of the 'rape culture' phenomenon is a consequence of the self-esteem movement of the 90s in schools. You tell people, (kids), that they're special, they don't need to change, that all of their flaws are ok – and they can externalise the world's problems on others – rather that looking inward, too. (Thus, a drunken encounter becomes sexual assault – the fault of the other person).

    People need to clearly realise that everyone is deeply flawed so that they can examine their own actions – and the consequence of their actions – critically. You teach them that they are 'special' and it becomes all about their feelings, that they can't be wrong and that the blame must lie elsewhere.

  16. These people should be banned from going to college. Rapists, Mean girls, mean guys and strict people should not be allowed to go to college because all they do cause trouble on campus. A college campus is a place to learn and achieve your dreams, not a place to get raped or rejected for wanting a girlfriend or boyfriend.

  17. I am sad to say that we are "ahead", here in Argentina. This kind of topics are not even debated while being concidered as an absolut truth and no politician would debate that because it would damage their reputation.
    We even invented a special term like "femicide" when an homicide occurs but under "gender violence" which aggravates the punishmen while is almost impossible to really prove in curt. The thing is that ideology took over and almost any kind of homicide having a female victim and a male perpetrator, would fall into that definition because they will assume that he was being mysoginist and feeling superiority over the woman for being female.

  18. What is going to happen folks…Is the "gender-feminists" who now run the American DOJ, Are going to keep pumping "Extra DOJ bloating monies" to state and local law enforcement's across the US to "Pervert" the course of justice against hetero-males / hetero-sex Via "manufactured rape statistics"……until we reach the point where guys are forced to go gay, or go MGTOW just to not be harassed. Than when American males are "gender-engineered" away from hetero, ( because of the legal liability involved)…only that will women see the stupidity of what they have done.

  19. Any man who does not accept the "rape Culture panic" is called a rape apologist.
    When it comes to rape apologists, feminist win that prize. You never hear feminists
    acknowledge the sexual and physical violence perpetrated by women. Incidents of
    violent crime perpetrated by women is much closer to the rate of these crimes
    perpetrated by men. Instead of leading by example (owning their responsibility)
    and challenging men to do likewise, feminists use shame, and guilt dumped on all
    men and meanwhile play innocent victims. That will ultimately be the downfall
    of feminism.
    Don Michael

  20. We can start with charging women when they file a false complaint. Set down rules of what is really sexual assault. And none of this I got drunk had sex and now have regrets. So it is rape. And make sure that if a false rape claim is made the women gets the same prison time that a man. Would had he really raped her.

  21. i can solve the rape culture np
    everbody who pretends they were raped to get attention has to be put in a cage with a real life brutal rapist so they can see the difference between them

  22. While I agree that due process is important, and that young men are being railroaded on college campuses today, you're mistaken about the McMartin preschool. Investigations took place because multiple children were saying the same thing, and were able to corroborate each other's testimony. Retired FBI director Ted Gunderson proved the tunnels underneath the schools had been sealed off in secret when he excavated and found a candy bar wrapper which could only have been produced during the time at which the children were claiming to have been molested. I recommend you read The Franklin Coverup by former senator John DeCamp, which highlights multiple children with corroborating testimony regarding child sexual abuse by high-ranking government officials, including information the children couldn't otherwise have access to, such as details of private sectors of the White House, and verified details of specific events which took place at Republican conventions. The news media has, indeed, tried to paint some of the more vulnerable people making these claims as mentally disturbed, but many reputable people, such as other former senators and war heroes, have investigated this and found the children's stories to be reliable. Child sexual abuse is, indeed, real, and is well documented.

  23. I'm currently an antifeminist because of the lunacy in feminism's historical roots, its fallacies (such as claiming that feminism is responsible for female suffrage) and ungrounded radical demonization / witch-hunt of men, but I would reconsider my current antifeminism if feminism became as reasonable and logic as Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers are.

  24. I was raped when I was about to start kindergarten. I support feminism but the rape culture hysteria hurts victims like me by making it seem like what happened to us was normal and will probably happen again. I used to be scared to leave the house.

  25. The only solution, I see, is gathering women, and try to make a reflexion about what went well, what was a mistake , where there was in evolution of the situation
    It's like, believe all women. It was not meant to be believe or die. It is because at one point, some guy and a part of the justice system could hardly believe that a woman had been rape, especially if she had sexual relation previously.
    It was not meant to silence the voice of the accused and believe blindly and making excuses when obviously you are in front of a liar. You have to admit it too.
    Kangooroo court and that type of thinking is bad for the real victims and might makes a terrible backlash eventually
    Well, actually I am gathering myself to write a book on what I see in the evolution of feminism
    To me a rape culture would be a place where rape can flourish because it is not punish or worst; the victims are punished. it is not actually the case, not for what I can see.
    When I was younger, a woman who had been rape lost her values, she was seen has something like lesser…. I don't think it is the case now in north american culture

  26. Well done! Drawing comparisons between "rape culture" hysteria and the satanic daycare hysteria of the 1980's is very apropos. Add to this the recent #metoo hysteria.

    Hopefully balance will come into this as people are waking up to the extremes, but as a society we do need to be very vigilant against outrage mobs driving social & legal policy. Most particularly in regards to the extremely illiberal & dangerous notions of eliminating due process & presumption of innocence as some quaint, outdated, inefficient form of justice.

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